Teaming up to build a more positive culture in youth sports

Original, engaging videos to help improve communication, commitment, and leadership.

Here are proven game plans for:

Navigating Social Media
Don’t let one bad tweet undermine your career. Tips for using social media to your advantage.
4:24  |  Athletes  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Collaborating with Parents
This video will help parents and coaches define the appropriate and necessary roles they can play to create a positive and respectful relationship.
4:36  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Team Captains & Leadership
This video offers suggestions and guidance to help newly elected team captains begin the process of being effective team leaders.
4:49  |  Athletes  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Youth Sports Specialization at an Early Age
Learn why intense training in a single sport at the exclusion of others should be delayed until high school to optimize success while minimizing risk for injury and psychological stress.
4:07  |  Athletes  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Bullying and Hazing
Learn how to protect the well-being of team members and improve team performance by recognizing, managing and preventing bullying and hazing on your team.
4:57  |  Athletes  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Long-Term Targets and Short-Term Goals
Learn how to use the Smart Goal Model to help your athletes assess their strengths and weaknesses as well as track their performance and improvement.
6:28  |  Coaches + Educators
Creating a Success Mindset for Coaches
As a coach, how do you stay motivated? How do you encourage yourself to overcome obstacles and keep driving toward your goals? It’s all about developing a success mindset.
8:00  |  Coaches + Educators
Transitioning From Middle School to High School Sports
Helping to manage expectations during the transition from middle school athletic programs to playing on high school teams.
4:25  |  Athletes  |  Coaches + Educators  |  Parents
Creating a Success Mindset for Athletes
One of the most significant challenges that you will face as an athlete is dealing with stress before and during competition. Learn to relax and stay focused.
5:16  |  Athletes  |  Parents
“By the age of 13, as many as 7 out of 10 kids will quit playing an organized sport, because it is simply not fun anymore.”
- The Aspen Institute Project Play