About Us

Our Mission

inCourage creates engaging videos that provide evidence-based strategies to help young athletes and adults improve the culture of youth sports and stem the alarming attrition of young people participating in organized athletics.

We exist because an important social issue exists.

Youth sports are supposed to build confidence, a sense of teamwork, and an appreciation for hard work recognized and rewarded. Too often, young athletes lose the love of the game because of overwhelming negative forces – from bullying to parental pressures to coaching techniques that take the fun out of the sport.

Our Mission

A proven game plan for athletes, coaches and parents.

In collaboration with NYU’s School of Professional Studies, we conducted extensive research with student athletes, coaches, educators and parents. We used what we learned to create programs that educate and motivate. With videos as the primary tool in our toolbox, we offer a variety of resources that enlighten, inform, engage and provide actionable items for bringing out the best in our young athletes and the adults who support them.

In addition to our informative and entertaining videos, we offer printed collateral, guides, seminars, conferences and ad hoc support in the ever-changing arena of youth sports. We want our young athletes to win – on and off the field.

A Proven Game Plan

At inCourage, there’s no B team.

The inCourage leadership team includes experienced high school athletic directors, coaches, educators, and sports psychologists working under the creative direction of an award-winning sports and business media leader. We apply our collective experience to create tools that give young athletes, coaches and parents professional guidance to achieve positive goals – on the field and off.

“By the age of 13, as many as 7 out of 10 kids will quit playing an organized sport, because it is simply not fun anymore.”
- The Aspen Institute Project Play