The CDC has put out a report, “The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide: What We Know and What it Means for Schools.”

From the report:

What We Know about Bullying and Suicide Together

  • We know that bullying behavior and suicide-related behavior are closely related. This means youth who report any involvement with bullying behavior are more likely to report high levels of suicide-related behavior than youth who do not report any involvement with bullying behavior.
  • We know enough about the relationship between bullying and suicide-related behavior to make evidence-based recommendations to improve prevention efforts.

What We DON’T Know about Bullying and Suicide

  • We don’t know if bullying directly causes suicide-related behavior. We know that most youth who are involved in bullying do NOT engage in suicide-related behavior. It is correct to say that involvement in bullying, along with other risk factors, increases the chance that a young person will engage in suicide related behaviors.

You can read the report on the CDC website.

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