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When you make and share your short video about why you love to coach, or why your favorite coach is your favorite coach, you’re helping spread the word about what’s most important in youth sports. 

There are plenty of issues today that present real challenges to keeping kids in the game. But that’s just only part of the story. 

By sharing these videos, you are proving that there are real, practical, tested and proven SOLUTIONS to some of the issues that threaten to rob us all of the best experiences in youth sports.

We will share your video on inCourage’s social media and on our website as an inspiration to others. 

How to share your story

Here are some tips to remember as you’re shooting your video:

  • Keep your videos short  (:15 to :20)
  • Identify yourself at the top. Coaches and athletes, tell us your name, sport and, if you’d like, your school. 
  • Upload the video to info@incourage.com

For more information about how to make a great video, download the info sheet below.

Thanks! Together, we WILL improve the culture of youth sports and keep more kids in the game.

“By the age of 13, as many as 7 out of 10 kids will quit playing an organized sport, because it is simply not fun anymore.”

- The Aspen Institute Project Play