To Begin,

The future of any society depends upon the character and competence of its young. In order to develop their competence young people need guidance to provide them with direction and a sense of purpose. They need relationships that embody and communicate high standards. They need to experience activities
that are challenging, inspiring, and educative.

William Damon, Stanford Center on Adolescence


  • What motivates you to be a coach?
  • Who encouraged you?
  • What did they do?
  • Which coach influenced you the most?
  • What was it about them that impressed you?
  • How is your style similar to that coach?
  • How is your style different than that coach?
  • How do you want the players on your teams to remember you?

“By the age of 13, as many as 7 out of 10 kids will quit playing an organized sport, because it is simply not fun anymore.”

- The Aspen Institute Project Play